The RackPro

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The RackPro

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The RackPro offers a unique experience. It has been designed with two different zones where you can place your mallets according to your preferences. It can also be made smaller if you don’t need the whole rack. Because it is convertible, it can easily be placed into your bag for easy transportation. The RackPro is the most versatile rack you will find on the market.

This rack consists of 2 individual parts (2 mini racks) that when combined, make a bigger rack. The larger part is made of 6 pairs of bristles for 6 pairs of mallets. The smaller part is made for 4 pairs of mallets.

Another feature of the RackPro is the fast track. We have designed the bristles with different lengths and some added colour. This creates a visual effect that helps to locate any pair of sticks with ease, aiding fast stick changes.

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