St Petersburg Fedor Khandrikov

We understand that sometimes it can be difficult to choose the right pair of mallets for any given situation. From a creation perspective, it is hard to find something that sounds amazing both on plastic and calf heads, playing in different halls, and still creates an individual sound for the player. The Fedor Khandrikov line of mallets takes away all of the challenges associated with this.

As solo timpanist of the Mariinsky Orchestra, this line of mallets has been designed with the Mariinsky Concert Hall in mind, but the mallets are also adaptable to any other performance venue as the Mariinsky Orchestra tours frequently. The sound concept has been created for Adams and Dresdner drums with Calf heads, but also transitions well to other drums and on plastic heads.

Taking into consideration all of the above information, we have created a series in which the core plays the principal role. The weight is at the front of the stick, creating a dark spectrum of sound. This results in achieving a direct, quick response from the core when you strike the drum. The cores are made of a hard textile using a new technique of varying tensions, creating a kind of airbag effect. The mallets are wrapped with luxury felt. This felt has a low density and is quite soft, helping the sound cut through from the core easily.

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