Amsterdam Ando Tomohiro

There is a vast and intense history behind this work. We are talking about one of the greatest orchestras in history, where extraordinary musicians have met makers throughout the years, who have made beautiful instruments and accessories for them. It is such a privilege to be part of a project that will make an impact in the present, but also for future generations.

After spending many years developing the series with the insoundmallets team I am really happy that the final result is here! While being inspired by the Dutch timpani mallets, being able to create the sound easily and naturally and having no resistance between the stick and the player were key points in developing this series. After much experimenting we went with a refined construction with attention to the smallest details, resulting in sticks that produce a warm and open sound that is still articulated. I hope you enjoy playing with them as much as I do


Ando Tomohiro.

In a technical perspective, this series is sophisticated: we use the most extraordinary and exclusive raw materials you can possibly find on the market. Most of them are customized just for us so you won’t find these materials in any other places. Our selected bamboo, specially manufactured for this unique series, is stained with mahogany and red, finished with shellac, a french polish technique and the most exclusive wax from Gilboys in the UK. This combination makes the bamboo more solid and strong, but also gives a beautiful shiny appearance. We aim to remember Guus Sprangh, whilst also adding new improvements such as shellac and wax. The ends are finished with beautiful black plug ends.

We use an exclusive cork produced in the south of Spain and our felt is being produced for us with a very distinct density. This is the best combination we have ever found in order to get a clear, bright and light Amsterdam sound from the core.

We care about every single detail of the sound. There are many elements which connect Tomo’s origin and the Amsterdam School’s history. One of the most obvious is our Japanese silk used to emanate colors from the Amsterdam flag. You can also enjoy our authentic thin Italian leather grip (optional).

Mallet accessories



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No more forgotten or lost mallets. Carry with you... elegantly.