Tuned Origen Series

This series of mallets is designed for elegant and precise playing across all mallet percussion instruments.

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When considering the construction and wood selection for xylophone mallets, we consider three crucial factors:

1. Wood density | 2. Wood flexibility | 3. Internal friction

The interplay of these factors directly impacts the produced sound, with density being the most influential.

Density ranks among the paramount properties of wood, tightly linked to its physical and mechanical behavior. In general, as wood density increases, so does its resistance and sound propagation qualities.

The series consists in 10 pairs, grouped in 5 different materials and 2 head sizes per material. All xylophone sticks are 33cm long.

Black Ebony (26mm ø and 28mm ø)
With a density range of 1030-1050 Kg/m3, Black Ebony mallets produce a crystalline, clear, and brilliantly bright sound. Their rigidity and immediate attack make them ideal for precision and articulation in xylophone performance.

Granadillo de Mexico (26mm ø and 28mm ø)
At a consistent density of 1000 Kg/m3, Granadillo mallets deliver a fresh and direct sound. Their medium stiffness and clarity suit those players seeking vibrant and dynamic tonal responses.

Mopane (26mm ø and 28mm ø)
Boasting a density of 1075 Kg/m3, Mopane mallets produce a smooth, warm sound with exceptional projection. Their balance of density and stiffness results in rich and expressive tonal qualities.

Cocobolo (26mm ø and 28mm ø)
With a density range of 990-1250 Kg/m3, Cocobolo mallets offer a darker, resonant sound with emphasis on the lower bass tones. These mallets are favored for adding depth and warmth properties.

Olive (26mm ø and 28mm ø)
With a density range of 850-1120 Kg/m3, Olive mallets create a light and flute-like sound. Their low density and moderate stiffness make them perfect for delicate passages.

Glockenspiel and Mixed Mallets

In the context of glockenspiel and mixed mallets, we’ve carefully chosen three materials: Bakelite, Thermoplastic, and Polyamide PA6. These materials exhibit superior impact resistance compared to those employed by other brands, such as PVC or resins. The combination of these materials with brass or steel alters their weight and color, delivering a wide array of timbral and sonic possibilities.

The Series consists of 5 different models, grouped in 3 different materials. All sticks are 31cm long.

Black Bakelite
Dark Grey thread– 25mmø Steel insert. Medium-weight mallet with a bright sound and hard attack, suitable for tutti sections and solos.

Black TP (Thermoplastic)
Soft Turquoise thread- 25mmø Steel insert. Medium-weight mallet with a medium-hard attack, well-suited for tutti and solo performances.

Dark Turquoise thread- 25mmø Steel Core. Heavy-weight mallet with a medium-hard attack, delivering exceptional projection.

Oval PA (Polyamide PA6)
Blue Sky thread- 25mmø Steel core. Lightweight mallet with a medium attack.

Blue thread- 23mmø Steel core. Medium-weight mallet with a medium-hard attack.

Red Bakelite
Black thread- 28mmø Steel insert. Offers a substantial, hard-hitting attack and a large sound, making it perfect for various metal instruments, including glockenspiel, crotales, sistrums, and steel tubes.

White thread- 28mm ø is a lighter version without the steel insert.

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