No more forgotten or lost mallets. Carry with you… elegantly.

Nahok cases are some of the most unique mallet bags ever created. Designed by the Japanese designer Nahoko Kimura, these products are a technical perfection! In addition to a simple look and light feel, they are made from a special material called ‘Super Tilt’, which features:

A waterproof, anti-fouling, UV protective fabric coating, made in Germany.

A ‘Super Heat Insulator’. Made of special foil multiple structures, keeping a consistent temperature for your mallets, regardless of the climate outside the bag.

Finished with a Japanese strong Waterproof fastener.

This German fabric, made of Trevira Yarn is one of the most durable you will find. Protection against brutal weather such as heavy rain, wind, snow or extreme temperatures. 

They are 100% made in Japan

Nahok Case Black

A lightweight case, weighing only 360 grams. This case consists of 3 pockets, perfect for 10-12 pairs of mallets. The fabric is made of Trevira yarn, making the case waterproof, anti-fouling, and UV protected. The material has been treated in order to get a glossy and smooth finish.

Measuring at 45.5 x 21 x 7.5cm this bag is perfect for travelling comfortably and stylishly. It comes with a comfortable shoulder strap and fastening cords inside. Finally, these beautiful cases are all designed and hand made in Japan by Nahoko Kimura

Nahok Case Ando Tomohiro

This is a custom bag adapted by Tomohiro. It has been designed for timpani sticks however can be used for any type of mallet. The case is divided in 16 sections for 16 sticks (8 pairs).This is not only a ‘comfort’ case, but also highly practical for dealing with changes in temperature and humidity.

Bamboo doesn’t deal well with dramatic temperature and humidity changes. This case features a Super Heat insulator: able to act as an extreme-temperate protector, has an anti-erosion capability and resistant to extremes in humidity. Using this material considerably reduces the risk of temperature fluctuations, which are detrimental to mallet longevity.

The insulator is made of a PE laminate with coated aluminium foil in both sides. The material has a high vapor diffusion resistance and the heat/cool reflection of no less than 90%.

Again, as with the black case, it is a very light case, perfectly made, with great attention to detail and features a beautiful glossy finish