Origen K Series

This series combines next level performance with superb quality and a distinctive design. All our experience as makers and musicians is reflected in a 12 pair set that would meet all your needs in any music situation.

There are 4 essential pillars behind our work. These concepts are reflected in our
Origen Series K as followed:

Outstanding quality and handmade

Use of the most exceptional materials from the market. From a customized cork original from South of Spain, extra thin Italian and Moroccan leather to Kolberg felt and carbonized bamboo. Handmade is our identity and we work really hard to make the products look as simple and transparent as possible..

Concept behind the work: There is an intention

 Volume is a term perfectly valid to describe the set. Having a basic and similar tone through our 12 mallets open a new window of timbre possibilities. Each pair is an amplification from it predecessor. It is a volume step.

Creativity: it needs to make an impact

It needs to bring new things to the market. This set covers any musical situation

Beautiful at least for us!

Finally there is no question that tradition and a continue work with outstanding timpani players all over the work support all values above. We have an extensive maker career since 2007, and all our experience is a mirror in this mature work.


There is no way to describe each model individually as hard, medium or soft. The best words to describe the concept behind these 6 pairs are Volume and Amplification.

The construction -in other words, the setting of the felt- allows each model to produce a clear tone coming from the core. But also contains a wide spectrum of hardness, allowing to play quiet and loud passages when needed. Each model can be used according to the volume (not only described as dynamic) required in the music, hall or size of the ensemble. OSK3 and OSK6 can be used for lighter passages for example. And OSK2 and OSK5 have more weight or body on the head, so they are ideal for when music is played in larger situations.

Every pair is very versatile and all six can be used in the same music, program or performance. Main reason is because each model is an amplification from its predecessor. It means the core and felt construction from the OSK2 is a larger copy in construction from the OSK3 and the OSK1 a larger copy from the OSK2.

Finally the six models can be divided into 2 categories: OSK1, OSK2, OSK3 and OSK4, OSK5 and OSK6. First three are made from a natural mushroom cork core and the OSK4-OSK6 are made from cork and textile. The textile reduce slightly the brightness from the core, allowing to have a darker tone projection. Also slightly heavier on the head.


This series consists of two different hybrid pairs. They are built with a light cork core and are mounted on a flannel piece. This is why we came up with the name Felt-(fla)nnel.

This line is great for playing on small drums and for staccato and articulated passages. We could say that these mallets are somewhere between a felt model and a flannel pair.

One of the main features of this line is that you can slightly adjust the tension of the head of the mallets. It helps to tighten the felt on the head or loosen the felt on the head if you need change a bit the hardness of the stick without changing mallets completely. These sticks do not have a seam – here at insoundmallets, we created a method where the heads are smooth all of the way round.


Flannel we use is unique on the market, found exclusively at insoundmallets. A good fabric has proved difficult to find for many manufacturers, as well as it being difficult to treat the material properly in order to produce a “nice” sound. Today, it is almost a mission impossible

These models produce a light and smooth sound and work really well on any drum of any size. Manufactured from a family business in the Netherlands, this soft fabric produces no tick, making the sticks ready to play.


It is an exceptional set of two different models. If you are looking for clarity, staccato or specific period style playing, they will work perfectly.

We use premium materials including cork from Spain and leather from Morocco, Spain and Italy. However, the magic of these mallets is not in the high quality of the materials, it is the core of the stick itself, which looks and feels like a sponge when touched.

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